Weapon attachments give you in “Apex Legends” partly a not to be underestimated advantage. Unfortunately, the in-game tutorial does not explain the purpose of the various add-ons. We’ll tell you what hop-ups, optics, and shaft and barrel essays cause.

Some of the best weapons in “Apex Legends” unfold their true potential only with the right attachment. Generally, however, almost all pistols and rifles benefit from the add-ons. The size of the benefit depends on the rarity level (White / Common, Blue / Rare, Purple / Epic and Gold / Legendary), as with other pieces of equipment. The game divides the weapon attachments into the following categories:

  • Hop-Up Tower
  • Target optics (Optics)
  • Shank (stick)
  • Barrel (barrel)
  • Extended magazine

If an essay matches your weapon, you see, if you target the crosshair add-on. The game will then display compatible weapons in your possession. The touchdown itself happens automatically: Each time you change or pick up a weapon, it automatically receives all the compatible attachments that you own.

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Hop-up essays

The so-called hop-ups are special essays that only fit on specific weapons. Their comparatively low flexibility, however, makes up for it with the excellent benefits they give you. If your inventory is already full and you do not yet have the right weapon for a hop-up essay, you have to weigh up whether it would pay later. The following hop-up articles are currently available in “Apex Legends”:

  • Precision Choke – Epic: Reduces targeting variation in Peacekeeper and Triple Take
  • Fire Mode Receiver (Selectfire Receiver) – Epic: Enables fully automatic mode on Prowler and Havoc
  • Skullpiercer Rifling – Epic: Increases damage to headshots on Longbow and Wingman
  • Turbocharger (Turbocharger) – Legendary: Reduces or eliminates the charging time at Devotion and Havoc
The Prowler unfolds its full potential only through the Fire Mode Receiver (© 2019 EA / Respawn)

Some weapons are particularly dependent on a hop-up essay. The best example of this is the Prowler, which becomes one of the best weapons in the game thanks to the Fire mode receiver. Because with the essay you can activate the fully automatic mode. Without him, the weapon pauses after every five shots. Equally valuable is the turbocharger for Devotion and Havoc. Without the attachment, the two electric weapons need too long for the first shot to be suitable for the near distance.

optical sights

Rifle scopes or holographic optical combat sights (HOKV) make it easier to aim in “Apex Legends”. The selection is varied and ranges from optics without zoom to visors ten times magnification. Also, some target optics have a fixed magnification, while others allow you to toggle between two zoom levels.

Variable Holo attachments also let you zoom in (© 2019 EA / Respawn)

Particularly useful are essays with the addition “Digital Threat”. They also capture enemies through smoke, countering, for example, Bangalore’s tactical ability. If you have Bangalore on your team, use the grenade launcher to nebulize your opponents and then turn them off with the aiming marker.

  • 1-fold HOLO – Common: Holographic near-distance optics for all weapons
  • Digital Threat (Digital Threat) – Common: Detects and marks enemies red (including smoke)
  • 1 to 2 times variable HOLO – Rarely: 1 or 2 times magnification for all weapons
  • 1-time HOKV “Klassik” – Common: Close-range optics with red crosshair / dot for all weapons
  • 2-fold HOKV “Bruiser” – Rare: Close-range optics with red crosshair / dot and 2x magnification for all weapons
  • 3-fold HOKV “Ranger” – Epic: mid-distance optic with red crosshair / point and 3x magnification for LMGs, SMGs, assault and sniper rifles
  • 2- to 4-fold Variable AOG – Epic: medium-distance optics with 2- or 4-times magnification for LMGs, SMGs, assault and sniper rifles
  • Sniper Sniper – Rare: 6x magnification for sniper rifles
  • 4x to 8x Variable Sniper – Epic: 4x or 8x magnification for sniper rifles
  • 4x to 10x Digital Sniper Threat – Legendary: 4x or 10x magnification for sniper rifles. Detects and marks enemies red (also by smoke)

Running Towers

A barrel attachment or stabilizer (barrel stabilizer) reduces recoil. It is therefore particularly suitable for weapons that have a high rate of firing – such as assault rifles, LMGs and SMGs. The rarer a running stabilizer, the greater the effect. The essays are available in all rarities and for the following weapons: Hemlok, Spitfire, Devotion, RE-45, G7 Scout, Longbow, Alternator, R-99, Hemlok, R-301. The legendary running stabilizer has a useful side effect: It reduces the muzzle flash of your weapon.

Assault rifles like the R-301 benefit particularly from a running stabilizer (© 2019 EA / Respawn)

Shank essays

Stock or shaft attachments improve the handling of the weapons in “Apex Legends”: Firstly, a shaft (stick) reduces the time it takes to pull a weapon. On the other hand, it reduces the so-called “Aim Drift”: If you aim with a weapon to which you have attached a shaft, the crosshair does not move as strong as it would without the essay.

Especially sniper rifles have a high “Aim drift”, snipers benefit especially from a shaft. However, some players also report that a shank simplifies avoiding (“punishing”) with assault rifles. “Apex Legends” distinguishes between the standard shaft for LMGs, SMGs and assault rifles and the sniper shank. Both versions are available in all four rarities.

The VK-47 Flatline can be equipped with a standard shaft (© 2019 EA / Respawn)

Extended magazines and shotgun lock

Extended magazines increase the ammo capacity of the weapons in “Apex Legends”. This will fire more balls before you have to reload. The extended lightweight and extended heavy magazine also reduce the recharge time from the rare version. The shotgun lock is also one of the magazine add-ons, but does not increase the ammo capacity, but the rate of fire. Generally speaking, the less frequently an essay, the greater the respective benefits. You can find the following magazine add-ons in “Apex Legends”:

  • Extended Lightweight Magazine – Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary: Increased capacity and, from a rare variant, faster recharge
  • Extended Heavy Magazine – Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary: Increased capacity and, from a rare variant, faster reloading
  • Shotgun Lock – Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary: Higher Rate of Fire