After a long start the first “Battle Pass” for “Apex Legends” has been released. At the same time, Respawn rang in Season 1 (“Wild Borderland”). The new season will have over 100 rewards for you as you take on the Battle Pass. But is it worth it?

The paid Battle Pass for Season 1 of “Apex Legends” is available in the game for 950 Apex coins, which is about 9.50 euros. With the purchase you will automatically receive one “Wild Borderland” Skin for Wraith, Mirage and Lifeline. Even without the purchase you can level up the Battle Pass, but then only get the free rewards. The level up is via experience points that you get in the usual way. There are no challenges like in “Fornite”. If you buy the Battle Pass retrospectively, your already achieved XP will be considered.

Next Battle Pass unlockable

With the Battle Pass, you will receive rewards on every level reached. Without a pass you only get new items on every second life – but none of the premium rewards. All rewards remain in your possession even after Season 1 – unlike the event pass in “PUBG” . After the end of the season (18 June 2019) there will be no possibility to receive the items.

In total, there are over 100 levels to achieve. If you all crack, you’ll get enough Apex Coins for the Season 2 Battle Pass. In all likelihood, the one-time investment will allow you to unlock all the following passes for free. Alternatively, you can use the coins to buy the new legend Octane.

Coins, Skins, Tracker and Co.

What rewards does Season 1 of “Apex Legends” have for you? Besides Apex Coins, Apex Packs of various rarity levels, weapon and character skins, Battle Pass XP boosts, stats trackers, legend sayings, badges, and banner frames await you. The following content can be unlocked for free: A “Wild Borderland” skin for the new legend Octane, five Apex packs and a total of 18 trackers.

Unfortunately, the badges and trackers make up a large part of the freewheelable content. Both refer only to Season 1. Many players, however, are primarily interested in new skins for their favorite characters. Unfortunately, Season 1 of “Apex Legends” introduces only the four mentioned above:

  • Revolutionary Skin for Lifeline
  • Survivor Skin for Wraith
  • Outlaw Skin for Mirage
  • Messenger Skin for Octane

Highlights from level 100

So, if your favorite character is different, you’re left empty-handed. In addition, most weapon skins look unimpressive to our liking. Exceptions are the two legendary Havoc skins, which you get at level 100 (“The Silver Storm”) and 110 (“The Golden Idol”). The special thing about it: It is in each case a multi-level skin in the dragon look, which changes its appearance with increasing kills.

Battle pass Golden skin
At Battle Pass level 110 you will receive a golden Havoc skin

At level two (three kills) the eyes of the dragon glow. The third stage (five kills) lets smoke escape from his nostrils. However, if the Havoc is not one of your favorite rifles , you do not have much of the only legendary weapon skins in Season 1. As you can read in our guide to the Apex Legends weapon attachments, the Havoc unfolds only with the turbocharger their full potential.

At level 110 you will also receive an animated “Wild Borderland” badge. If these rewards are reason enough for you to buy the Battle Pass, you have to decide for yourself. The opportunity to clear the next pass would probably make the offer interesting for players who are not too fond of Season 1 items.


  • With the Battle Pass, you can unlock over 100 rewards in Season 1
  • Without a Battle Pass you will receive fewer and fewer Rewards
  • Over the course of the season, you can earn enough coins for the next Battle Pass
  • In total, there are four new Legend skins – one for each of Wraith, Mirage, Lifeline and Octane
  • Highlights are the legendary multi-level weapons skins for the Havoc