The creators of the ‘Titanfall’ saga return with a new project: ‘ Apex Legends ‘, a Battle Royale with 60 players and Vince Zampella’s label . A game that will be free and is now available for download from Xbox One , PS4 and PC through Origin .

In addition to the Respawn team, ‘Apex Legends’ has Electronic Arts behind it since it bought the studio in Los Angeles in 2017 for about 455 million dollars. At that time, Respawn began to develop the game that brings us today. ‘Apex Legends’ has been developed almost in secret but it lands with great force and is that only eight hours later, they have already announced that they have reached one million players .

In a market dominated mainly by ‘Fortnite’, many manufacturers are finding in the Battle Royale a mass phenomenon and a style where to put much of the attention.

Free-to-play and available on all three major platforms

For those accustomed to Battle Royale, their gameplay will not be unknown. We will be in a game area that we will have to explore and where the circle will be closed to finally be the only ones standing. Among the novelties, ‘Apex Legends’ incorporates several elements of traditional shooters such as re-emergence beacons, intelligent inventory or the jump leader. The aesthetics also moves away from the usual animated style in ‘Fortnite’ or ‘Overwatch’ and maintains more sober graphics in the ‘PUBG’ style or the ‘Titanfall’ itself.

Among the territory we will find weapons, accessories and armor of all kinds. As expected, we can customize our heroes. ‘Apex Legends’ begins its journey with eight characters available , a number that will expand over time.

The setting of ‘Apex Legends’ is based on ‘Titanfall’. With a story centered on The War of the Border and where through the Apex Games, players must gain fame, fortune and money. An important detail is that unlike the original, we have neither titans nor “wallrun” .

Electronics Arts wants to open a gap in the Battle Royale

In the same way as in the rest of battle royale, ‘Apex Legends’ has a battle pass. There will also be seasons, which will last 3 months and there is a monetization system to get special equipment. A team that will not offer advantage in the game and will only be aesthetic .

For the disembarkation of the game, Electronics Arts has had the support of several important youtubers in the scene and habitual players of other similar games like ‘Fortnite’. This is the case of El Rubius and LOLiTO FDEZ. They published it on their social networks.

‘Apex Legends’ is an ambitious project and has its own identity so as not to repeat the strategy of others. For example, we have the possibility of creating a small squad of three players on a 60-player battlefield, unlike the usual 100 players. The action of curing other players and reviving them is also enhanced.

It will not be the last attempt of Electronic Arts to try to dethrone ‘Fortnite’. Throughout the year we will know more details of Anthem, Bioware , and a possible based on Battlefield V battle royale . At the moment, the game of Epic Games is still the one that most resists on the battlefield.