The introduction to “Apex Legends” is not particularly difficult. Even newcomers to genre find their way quickly after a short while, but often avoid confrontations. To give you an offensive approach to the next Battle Royale, we give you apex legends tips on shooting, aiming and dodging.

One thing in advance: Even if you regularly lose out in shootouts, you should not avoid them. For one thing, practice makes perfect. And secondly, defensive behavior regularly puts you in difficult situations. If you see opponents and think that they might become dangerous to you if you continue on your path, you should tend to seek confrontation – if you are sufficiently equipped.

Keep an eye on damage

In order to get a sense of how many of your shots hit the target, you should keep an eye on the damage. Toggles the display of “damage values” in the settings to “Both” (far right). Then you see the damage done for each single hit and then the total HP your opponent lost by attacking. With this setting you can understand, for example, how many shotgun pellets from your shotgun have found their way to the finish.

Avoid reloading

The “Time To Kill” (TTK) in “Apex Legends” is comparatively high. This means you will need more time to kill enemies than in other shooters. Responsible are above all the scarce magazines and the resistant armor in the play. It is therefore advisable to combine a flexible standard weapon with a powerful one.

R-301 weapon gun
The R-301 is a very good primary weapon (© 2019 EA / Respawn)

For the first slot is about as an assault rifle like the R-301, for the second a shotgun or the Wingman. You begin the fight with your primary weapon. Once you have landed some hits and your magazine is empty, you switch to your second weapon. This is much faster than reloading, and often brings you a significant time advantage.

The quick-firearm and shotgun combination has one more advantage: you can do a lot more damage on a short range with this weapon. If an already battered opponent comes too close, you can quickly decide the fight to your advantage.

The Peacekeeper Gun apex legends
The Peacekeeper is an ideal second weapon (© 2019 EA / Respawn)

Pay attention to your position

If you find yourself in a disadvantageous position, you should not shy away from a temporary retreat: try to get yourself into a better position and shoot from an elevated position or from cover. Often the attackers will follow you blindly and you can surprise them with some skill.

In general, you should be careful not to move too far away from your team members. If a player is in a difficult situation, his comrades should be able to help him within three to five seconds. In addition, you have – in particular because of the high TTK – in excess a decisive advantage. Whenever possible, you should attack together.

Apex legends aim tips
Try to attack from cover if possible (© 2019 EA / Respawn)

Penalties and shoot from the hip

As in all first-person shooters, you should also get used to the so-called “penalties” in “Apex Legends”: Instead of shooting standing, you move to the left or right. This will make it harder for your opponent to meet you. Penalties are essential, especially in close combat. You should also shoot them from the hip – without pressing the target button. This will help you move faster and most weapons in “Apex Legends” will be relatively reliable at short range.

However, if you are always on the move, it will also be harder for you to hit your opponent. With practice, you can compensate for this: Seek out a specific point or object and fix it with the crosshairs. Now move left and right. Meanwhile, you try to fix the point with an analog stick or mouse in the middle of the crosshair. This will make it easier for you to keep an eye on your opponents later, even if you are moving yourself.

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Intervenes as the third team

Especially effective you can eliminate opponents, if they are currently fighting against another team. You should take advantage of such opportunities. When you hear shots, move towards it and wait for the right moment. Then you join the third party and kill the opponents shooting each other without putting yourself at great risk. At the same time you should keep in mind in firefights that a third team could surprise you. That’s a common tactic.

Urges a quick end

For this reason, among other things, you should not let yourself be battled for too long. Because the longer a firefight takes place, the more likely it is that a third team will be added. But regardless of that, you should quickly advance together if you have eliminated or seriously injured an opponent. Because if you wait too long, you give your enemies time to heal or revive. Not only can you prevent this from happening quickly, but in the best case you can eliminate a careless player who wants to revive a fallen team member without backing up.


  • Switches the damage indicator to “Both”
  • Change weapons instead of reloading
  • If necessary, reposition yourself
  • Stay within reach of your team members and attack together
  • Get used to the punishments and train your goals in motion
  • In close combat you fire from the hip
  • Attempt to intervene as the third team in a current firefight
  • Continue to pressure after you have wounded or eliminated an opponent to avoid a resurrection or surprise from a third team

We hope you like “”Apex Legends” Combat Tips: That’s how you win more firefights”