The programmed obsolescence, the fashions, or the necessity, force us to change the laptop every few years. What can we do with the old man? We offer you ten creative ways to reuse your old laptop.

You just bought a new brand new laptop. ” Look at it, if it looks like a piece of paper, how finite it is … ” your father tells you. At your side, at the table, you have that old brick that bulges like an executive briefcase. What to do with it? Before selling it, giving it away, or storing it in the storage room, take a look at these  9 creative ways to reuse your old laptop.

When you want to take advantage of an old computer there are some obvious applications, which we will not discuss in this report. You can convert it into a NAS server, a multimedia center, a computer only for downloads, in a photo frame …

We look for more original, different ways of giving new life to our old laptop. New uses that you might not have thought about, but that may be useful, or fun.

It is possible that the programmed obsolescence  or the fashions play against us, but that does not mean that you can not take advantage of what you no longer use.

Discover these  9 creative ways to reuse your old laptop.

Turn it into a projector

Do you need an emergency screen, or do you want to watch videos on the big screen? For less than 15 euros you can convert an old laptop into a projector.

You have to be clear that it will look blurry and with little brightness, but it works, it works … You only need a cardboard box, insulating tape, and a fresnel lens that you can buy on Amazon for just 10 euros .

The idea is simple. The screen of the laptop is going to act as a projector, inside a box painted in black. In the box we will put a fresnel lens that enlarges the image. The image of the laptop’s screen, projected through the lens through a hole in the box, is projected onto a white wall, or onto a projector screen .

you can see the whole process by searching on Youtube

You can also build your own screen by buying a little styrene paper for just over two euros.

Mount a weather station

Many people like to follow the evolution of time and know if tomorrow will rain or shine. If you are a meteorologist, you can take advantage of your laptop to turn it into a weather station.

There are countless weather stations  that include all kinds of sensors and meters for the amount of rainfall, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, temperature, etc. They cost around 100 euros.

Place one of these stations in the garden or the roof of your house, and connect the screen that includes the laptop to collect all this data, process them, extract statistics, and even create your own weather forecast.

An anonymous and safe terminal to navigate

Privacy today is a more precious commodity than money. Since visiting websites, buying, downloading or using social networks does not require a powerful computer. Why nottake advantage of the old laptop to turn it into an anonymous and ultra-secure terminus , impossible to trace?

It’s as simple as installing Tails , an operating system specialized in privacy and anonymization.

Tails is a Linux distribution focused on privacy and anonymity, which was used by Edward Snowden  to contact journalists who uncovered the NSA’s massive espionage scandal.

Tails  leaves no trace on the computer in which it is used. All the data and files that it manages are encrypted, and all Internet connections are encrypted and transmitted through the Tor anonymization network, so that nobody can spy on them.

It is called an amnesic operating system   because it runs in RAM, so it leaves no trace on the PC. It also defines itself as an incognito operating system   because it encrypts all the data and hides your Internet connections and your location, so it can be used anonymously. It is available in Spanish and Catalan.

Convert it into a bartop

Do you have nostalgia for the arcade machines of the 80s or 90s? Did you leave the five-dollar coins in those old arcades of bars and arcades?

If the screen is of quality, you can convert your old laptop into a recreational machine and use an emulator, or directly run old games of Steam or GoG, to play the classics.

Nowadays , bartop have become fashionable , which are like the creative machines of before but cut in half , without the foot, to put them on a table.

On Amazon, eBay or Aliexpress they  sell the bartop , the wooden frame, for around 80 or 90 euros. Or you can build it yourself by buying some wood, if you’re a handyman. There are infinite plans on the Internet. For about 50 euros more, you have the controls and buttons , which you can connect to a USB cable with an adapter, to connect them to the laptop:

You can also go through the controls, and connect a gamepad via bluetooth.

You put the laptop inside the bartop, put an emulator or Steam, decorate the bartop with some vinyl, and you can remember past times without spending a lot of money.

Create art

It is possible that you have changed your laptop … because the old one has broken down.

Even if it does not work, you can still take advantage of it. On Pinterest  and other social networks there are numerous examples of artistic applications of a computer.

You just have to dismantle it, remove the plates, cut them with a saw and get DIY creations as suggestive as lamps, heat dispensers, or cubicles for pencils:

Or authentic works of art, which also sell for a lot of money …:

It’s just a matter of throwing imagination …

A surveillance system

For better or for worse, we have at our disposal all kinds of surveillance cameras, very cheap, that connect to the Internet.

Maybe you want to monitor what the dog does when you’re not at home, or discover who enters your room without your permission to gossip. Or maybe you want to monitor the garden, or have a look at the children from work, to check that they are well.

Most laptops, even old ones, carry a webcam. If not, or you want to place it in the garden, you can buy a webcam with WiFi for just 30 euros on Amazon .

Now you only have to install specialized software in surveillance cameras such as   webcamXP ,  iSpyconnect  or ContaCam  to control the camera and observe what you see remotely, through the Internet.

A portable TV for Netflix or Amazon Prime Video

Today everyone is subscribed to a video platform, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. But sometimes the TV is busy, and seeing it on the mobile is not the same.

You can convert your old laptop is a small TV to watch series or movies anywhere.

The idea is that, when turning on the laptop, start automatically with the application or the Netflix website, Amazon Prime Video, etc., depending on what you use. So you will only have to start your favorite series or movie, without worrying about anything else.

There are many ways to do this. If the old laptop does not have an Internet connection, or we do not want to complicate our lives, we can connect a Chromecast or an Amazon Fire TV Stick

So we will not have to start any application from Windows, because the device has its own applications. We start the video platform from the mobile and send it to the laptop screen through the Chromecast or the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

If the laptop has Internet, or we do not want to spend money on a streaming device, we must configure the boot of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc., manually.

Entertainment panel for sports

Exercise on the exercise bike or any other machine is boring, if you have to be looking at the wall.

KingJackOff has happened paste the laptop to a foam panel, with two speakers, exposing the keyboard, trackpad, and DVD player.

He has hung it on the wall in front of the exercise machine, and now he can enjoy a movie while burning calories, or videos with exercise routines …

Turn it into a wall clock

If your laptop is ultra-thin or has an elegant case (which you can also decorate to your liking), you can use it to create a wall clock .

In Amazon there are dozens of wall clock mechanisms for just over 2 euros .

You put the clock mechanism in the closed laptop case, and hang it on the wall.

We have seen ten creative ways to reuse your old laptop. I’m sure one of them will help you. And if not, do not throw away the computer. There are numerous NGOs that collect them to donate to schools or people without resources .