Learning languages ​​goes far beyond communicating. Languages ​​are keys that open the doors of the world of business, employment, or culture. According to the World Economic Forum, there are  5 languages ​​that will help you find a job.

The aforementioned Forum has carried out a study called the  Power Language Index Ranking 2050  that catalogs the most powerful languages ​​in the world . They are the most used in the economy, technology, international relations, or tourism. If you learn some of them, your chances of finding a job will improve .

The study classifies languages ​​according to five aspects: the facilities they provide for traveling, for participating in the economy, for communicating, for consuming knowledge or for participating in international relations. Which are the most powerful?

As you probably guessed, the most powerful language in the world is English . Not only is it one of the most spoken in more countries, but it is the native language of the most powerful, economically speaking.

Chinese is the second most powerful language in the world , because of its importance in economics and communication. The French is in third place, due to its weight in international relations. In fourth place is Spanish / Castilian , followed by Arabic and Russian .

These are the most powerful languages, but some are used more than others in certain circles. So, for example, according to Martina Vacca of  Business Insider Italy , learning Chinese (Mandarin) is important if you work in the technology sector . It is the native language of large commercial companies such as Huawei or Alibaba, and is spoken in cities such as Shanghai, considered the Silicon Valley of hardware . In addition there are Chinese communities in many countries of the world, and is the country with more Internet users, almost 700 million.

If you are going to work in diplomacy and politics, French is a good language to learn , because it is widely used in international relations, especially with North Africa. It is also widely used in the energy and automotive sectors, with a large presence of galas.

The Spanish is a good language to learn if you work in the areas of trade and tourism . However, journalist Martina Vacca advises Spanish hospitality workers to learn Russian , as there are more and more Russian tourists around the world.

Although English is the dominant language in the financial sector, many executives and brokers are learning Arabic , as it is used more and more due to the influence of Arab countries that live on petrodollars, such as Saudi Arabia. In addition, Arabic has an increasing weight in the media, culture and entertainment.

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