These are the 5 characteristics that high-end phones must have in 2019, a series of elements that any mobile from 200 euros should have almost mandatory to offer the user the best possible experience.

You no longer need to spend more than 600 euros to have a great phone, not only by dimensions, but by features and performance on all fronts . The mid-range is more overpopulated than ever and manufacturers such as Honor and Xiaomi do not stop presenting devices that set the pace to other manufacturers.

The mid-range is powerful, versatile, has very decent cameras in almost any situation and these are devices that are easier to renew than others that cost two, three and even four times more. However, there are a number of characteristics of mid-range mobiles that should be set as a standard in 2019 .

Precisely, below we tell you what are the 5 characteristics that all the mid-range phones of 2019 must have to meet expectations. 

FullHD + screen

We start with the features that any mid-range mobile should have in 2019 talking about the screen. There are no more or less important elements within a mobile, since everyone works “at the same time” to give us the best possible user experience.

The screen has two functions: to be clear to enjoy the contents better, but also to have the ratio of pixels per inch, blue light reduction technology and enough brightness so as not to have to strain the view in the least.

Mobile phones are very bright in recent years, but what all mid-range phones should have in 2019 is resolution, at least FullHD +. It may be because of manufacturers like Xiaomi, who are introducing these screens in all segments, but can not ” tolerate ” more HD + screens .

The 1.080p should be a standard in any mid-range mobile in 2019 .

Powerful processors

Do we need so much power in a mobile? Yes and no. That is to say, we are in a moment in which the power of the topes of range, like the Xiaomi Mi 9 that finishes analyzing with the processor Snapdragon 855, is excessive. They are small computers (even more powerful and efficient than many laptops) that we carry in our pockets, but many fail to take advantage of that.

However, the power is being translated lately in a better behavior of the cameras . Almost all mobile phones, to a lesser or greater degree, use artificial intelligence algorithms to improve the photographic result, and that is something that consumes a lot of resources.

The more powerful the mobile, the better for the quality of the photographs, but obviously also for playing and the system to go as quickly as possible.

That said, the mid-range phones of companies such as Honor and Huawei are assembling the Kirin 710 and, at least, the rest of phones with Qualcomm processors should have the Snapdragon family 700 , leaving the Snapdragon 660 (very good processor, but outdated in some tasks) for the more ” cheap ” versions of other devices.

Double camera at least and flirt with the three cameras

And if we talked about the processor and its importance to take good pictures, talk about the cameras, one of the most important elements of a mobile. Currently, almost any mid-range mobile phone (from 200 euros upwards) takes quality photographs .

In 2019, everyone must carry a double camera to achieve both the portrait and the telephoto effect, at least 2x. In addition, we are seeing more and more phones of medium ranges with three cameras, and a wide angle would be ideal to give these devices more versatility when capturing scenes.

If the rumors are true, the Xiaomi Mi A3 would be one of the first mid-range with triple camera , inherited from Mi 9 (which is said soon).

Great battery and fast charge

The camera and the battery are two of the most important elements when choosing a mobile , whether high-end or mid-range or input. In the end, no matter how powerful and sophisticated our phone is, if it does not have a battery in conditions and a fast charging system, it does not matter, because we will have to live close to the plug.

Fortunately, in recent years manufacturers have put on batteries and are including larger batteries and charging systems increasingly faster. Huawei is a rival, along with Honor, unbeatable in this regard, but mobile phones compatible with Quick Charge 3.0 and up , from Qualcomm, are also doing very well.

As a minimum, by mid-2019, mid-range mobiles would have to have 20 W chargers (if they are PD, better than better) and a battery of 3,500 mAh and up. In fact, if they are OLED, we could order at least 3,500 mAh, but if they are IPS, then from 4,000 up .

And, in the OLED mobile there is a possibility to save battery by performing certain actions or putting dark themes, but in a mobile IPS is not possible. Therefore, something that all mid-range phones of 2019 should have are 4,000 mAh and above. We are already seeing it in terminals such as the Redmi Note 7 with 4,000 mAh or the Moto G7 Power , with its 5,000 mAh.

Feeling premium

We finish with the characteristics that all the mid-range phones of 2019 must have speaking of design . As important as being, it seems, and something that all mid-range phones should have is a design that looks like a premium.

Glass, sapphire and ceramics are materials that are used in high ranges and give that look so premium. However, in the middle ranges we have also seen glass, but we still see a lot of ‘unpolished’ polycarbonate. That is, plastic with that touch … of plastic.

That terminals like the Pocophone or the Mi A2 have a plastic finish, it is understood due to its characteristics and price in 2018, but in 2019, everyone should bet on a solution like Huawei with the P Smart , polished plastic, or that of Huawei with the Redmi Note 7.

And, in the end, the user of this range does not care so much that it is not real glass, but he does want the design to be in tune with the high ranges, and that is achieved with that bright spot on the back of the phones, even plastic.

These are the 5 characteristics that mid-range phones should have in 2019 , although it is certain that more than one manufacturer surprises us by mid-year with more than two, and three cameras.