Father’s Day is just around the corner, and is that in India is celebrated on JUNE 16. However, if you are thinking about a father’s day gift and you do not know what to buy, it is better that you go organizing so as not to be late. Fortunately, it is now possible to buy anything and have it at home in less than 24 hours.

There are several gifts for Father’s Day 2019 that are a guarantee, especially if your father is a lover of technology. It already depends on your budget to arrive or not, and is that there are less than € 20 to over € 300.

Depending on what you are willing to spend or can afford, we recommend that you choose one of our ten suggestions. They are devices of all types and functions, although they have one thing in common: they will fulfill 100% with your commitment.

These ideas revolve around several axes: sports, entertainment, mobility and more, although the last word is you, you are the one who knows your parent best.

Here are the ten gift ideas for Father’s Day that we recommend.

A smartband or a sports smartwatch

A smartband

Whether your father does sport or not, a sports smartband or sports smart watch are perfect gifts. It depends on which level you move on, you will be more interested in one thing or another.

If for example you do not play sports, a smartband like the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is perfect for counting steps, measuring sleep quality and heart rate.

It is undoubtedly the best smart bracelet in relation quality-price, something that is not repeated in the market of smartwatches, where there is more competition.

A large capacity Power Bank

Power Bank

When choosing a good Power Bank, there are many aspects to keep in mind: the capacity milliamps, the USB charging ports it has and the speed at which your phone will charge.

It is not the same to have an external battery with fast charge than to have a normal external battery, although those with more power obviously cost more.

Bluetooth headset for all pockets

Bluetooth headset

Another option when deciding the best gift for father’s day 2019 is to opt for a bluetooth headset. There are many types and prices, from the most expensive and with better audio to others more affordable.

An electronic book

An electronic book

We now have an important category, that of electronic books. There are almost as many options as brands, although the best seller and the one that serves as reference is the cheapest Kindle, the basic model that costs € 79 .

A Nintendo Switch

A Nintendo Switch

Since it reached the market in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has become the fashion console. It is true that other options such as PS4 or Xbox One are already exhausting their cycle, although it is not the only thing that has turned the Nintendo console into a sales success.

It is the first hybrid console , a console that you can take with you and play wherever you want, something that gives you much more functionality than other alternatives. Playing Mario Kart, Zelda or Diablo III on the subway or bus is an advantage that makes it worthwhile.

The good thing about buying it is that it will keep its value in time much better than other consoles. Since it will not go down much more, maybe it’s time to take the step. If your father is a gamer, it will surely be a perfect gift for Father’s Day, although that does prepare the wallet.

A smart speaker

A smart speaker

Amazon and Google are in full race to lead the smart speaker sector. For now it seems that Alexa is winning, but Google Assistant is not far behind.

They are two perfect devices to get started in the world of Smart Home.

An electric scooter

An electric scooter

During 2018 we began to see in all the cities a lot of electric scooters, most of them from a model: the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter , the market reference.

A shaver

A shaver

One of the most recurrent Father’s Day gifts are undoubtedly the shavers. They are because all men have to shave, something obvious, but also because they are devices that innovate and improve year after year, and also lower in price.

Right now it is possible to buy a good and cheap razor in almost any online store . They are models from previous years that have already been replaced by more modern ones, but which remain reliable.

A tablet

A tablet

Although the tablet market has been gradually reducing in recent years, they are still useful devices for many users, and not only to work in the case of the most powerful, but for almost anything.

They serve for example to watch multimedia content while you cook, be it a series, a movie or football. You can also use it to watch videos in bed before going to sleep.

A Raspberry Pi or one of its alternatives

A Raspberry Pi

If your father is a computer lover, surely this gift will like: a Mini PC, either the Raspberry Pi or some of the imitators that have been dating him.

With it you will have entertainment for a while trying to turn it into a multimedia center, video game console, tablet or whatever you can think of. It is true that it is only suitable for hardcore lovers of technology, but if your father is, it is guaranteed success.